Volunteer Opportunities

Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.

Trail Maintenance Opportunities:  A vital way to volunteer and help maintain the 296 miles of the trail.

     Adoption of a section of the trail, a campsite or a trailhead

             Section:  Inspect and maintain a 2-5 mile portion of the trail.  Submit reports two times each season - by June 1 and October 1.

          Campsite:  Inspect and maintain a campsite on the trail.  Submit reports two times each season - by June 1 and October 1.

          Trailhead:  Inspect and maintain a trailhead parking lot 1-2 times monthly.  This is better suited for local residents or 'cabin' people.

     Scheduled Work Projects

             Weekday or weekend projects for individuals or groups.  Facilitated by our Trail Maintenance Supervisors.

     Special Work Projects

             Let us know when and how long your group is available to volunteer and we will work to put together a project.

Guided Hikes:  Saturday mornings during the hiking season.

       Participation as a hike leader, sweep or naturalist

              Leader:  Facilitate all aspects of the hike.  Provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all.  Prior participation in our guided hikes is recommended.

           Sweep:  Finish the hike last...making sure all participants have made it to the ending point.

           Naturalist:  Enhance the days' hike by sharing information in your area of expertise.

Midwest Mountaineering Expo:  April and November

           Help staff our booth at this big event in Minneapolis.   

If you would like to volunteer or have questions contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@shta.org     

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